Siempre Puente

Sunday August 11th @ 3PM
General Admission $15
SCAC Member $10

The band’s name comes from the concept of “forever” (Siempre) being a “Bridge”(Puente), something that connects people amongst and within ourselves. Franco Martino is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music producer. He is the guitarist of the Grammy-nominated band Che Apalache. Sol is an astrologist, writer, singer and songwriter. They both work together writing and recording songs that cross different rhythms and styles of music, sharing a diverse taste of folk music from all over the world, especially music from Argentina, South America and the Appalachian region. On the performance side, while traveling, they present themselves as an acoustic duet and during the show the audience is invited to a journey across different folklore and stories. Siempre Puente has released many songs and their last release album was “Historias de un embarque” (2021). Franco and Sol have been lately traveling around the Appalachian mountains and filling themselves with inspiration and stories that today color the upcoming album (“Se Abre al Cerrar” traduced “Opens when Closed”) that’s going to be out soon this year.

The Arts Place of Stokes
502 Main St
Danbury NC 27016