Stokes County residents graduating from one of the county high schools who plan to major in an arts-related field are encouraged to apply for scholarship in the spring each year. A student currently attending an institution of higher learning with the same career goals may also apply. An institution of higher learning approved by the Scholarship Review Committee must have already accepted the student.

Our 2020 Scholarships may award up to $2,000. The amount of the scholarship is based upon the financial need of the applicant. The recipient may reapply every year while attending an institution of higher learning in an arts-related field. The scholarship will be paid directly to the institution only.

The  winners will be selected by a committee made up of the SCAC Board of Directors and from the community at large. No immediate relative may serve on the committee and a teacher/instructor must recuse themselves from a vote of a known applicant.

  • Applications are due at the Arts Council office by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 13th, 2020. The committee will not consider late applications or incomplete applications that are not in the office by the close of business on March 13th. Applications are available from the Stokes County Arts Council (P. O. Box 66), located at 500 N. Main Street, Danbury, North Carolina. Call 336-593-8159 for additional information. Applications are also available for students at the four high schools: Stokes Early College, North, South and West Stokes High Schools guidance departments.


Scholarship Information 2020

Scholarship Application 2020