The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Stokes Arts to Present “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”

Author Barbara Robinson’s funny and touching tale of an out-of-control Christmas pageant will come to life onstage at Mount Olive Elementary School on December 9th and 10th as the Stokes County Arts Council presents the play “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.”This one-hour stage version features a cast of more than 25 local kids and adults. The play is under the direction of Brack Llewellyn.

“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” revolves around the staging of the annual holiday pageant at a small-town church. When the play’s long-time director lands in the hospital the formidable task falls into the lap of a local mother, Grace Bradley. During the auditions Grace’s job is complicated by the appearance of the Herdmans, the toughest kids in town. By default the Herdmans end up playing several of the leading parts, despite never having heard the Christmas story from the Bible.

With her reluctant husband Bob and her two hesitant kids Beth and Charlie in tow, Grace battles to put the annual Christmas pageant on its feet. But thanks to the Herdmans the rehearsals are filled with chaos. The whole town is buzzing about the Herdmans’ invasion of the play and even the minister is doubtful about its success.

“Best Christmas Pageant” is told through the eyes of Grace’s daughter Beth, who narrates the action and fills in events that occur offstage. Beth also has her hands full with her friend Alice Wendelken, who is appalled that the Herdmans have taken over the Christmas Pageant.

With almost no rehearsal and the Herdmans creating havoc, the pageant seems doomed to failure. But by opening night the power of the Christmas story has surrounded the cast, and magic happens.
Is there a happy ending? Of course there is. It’s Christmas.

Performances of the Stokes County Arts Council production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at Mount Olive Elementary School, 2145 Chestnut Grove Road, King, North Carolina are Friday December 9th at 7:00pm, and Saturday December 10th at 3:00pm and again at 7:00pm. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 ages 13-18 and $1 ages 12 and under. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 336-593-8159.