May The Farce Be With You

“May the Farce Be With You” is Theatrical Silliness at its Best

“Farce” is defined as “a light dramatic composition marked by broadly satirical comedy and improbable plot.”  That definition is perfect for two short plays being performed at 4:00 p.m. each day this Saturday and Sunday, May 21 & 22 as the Stokes County Arts Council presents “May The Farce Be With You!”  The performances will be presented at the Hanging Rock State Park Bathhouse, 1750 Hanging Rock Park Road in Danbury.

Both of the plays were written and directed by Brack Llewellyn, a theatre veteran and co-founder of the NoneSuch Playmakers. They’re performed by all-student casts ranging in age from six to eighteen.  For this show, Llewellyn advises audience members to put aside their logic and come prepared to laugh.  “There’s nothing heavy-duty about these one-acts,” he said. “Don’t look too closely for plot or deep meaningful messages. It’s just an opportunity to have some ridiculous fun in a beautiful setting.”

Act I of “May The Farce Be With You” is titled “Invaders From Planet Y,” about a crew of bumbling aliens who land on Earth after missing their exit to Mars. As the hapless extraterrestrials try to make contact with what they believe to be Earthlings (including a garbage can), they encounter the Green Rangers, a group of environmentally-active kids who are picking up trash. After learning that Planet Y is in need of a good cleaning, the Green Rangers are asked to journey there by a “special guest” in the play. (We can’t reveal their identity!)

In Act II, the pop-culture zombie craze is played for laughs in “Zombie Sleepover.” A group of girls are enjoying their end-of-the-school-year sleepover when a satirical TV show begins a phony newscast about a zombie apocalypse. With no adults in the house and believing the show is true, the girls panic at first. Then, with youthful bravado, they decide to take on the living dead in their own style. There’s a thunderstorm brewing outside (of course) and lots of hysteria as the “zombies” draw closer and closer to their door….

Cast members include Colin Anderson, Kristin Sands, Jenny Smith, Makayla Utt, Dalton Ridout, Katie Vestal, Jamie Vestal, Ione Johnson, Olina Johnson, Django Burgess, Anika Burgess, Zinnia Burgess, and Bella MacMillan.

Tickets are $5 for students and $8 for adults and will be available for purchase at the venue.  Hanging Rock State Park will also have concessions for sale.

For more information, contact Stokes Arts at 336 593-8159 or visit

may the farce be with you