HOLIDAY CONCERT 12/20 – Stokes Songs of Light and Hope

View Here:

On Sunday, Dec. 20th at 7 PM, Stokes Arts will stream a holiday concert featuring exclusive performances from the following artists: Darin and Brooke Aldridge, Martha Bassett, Riley Baugus, John Berry, Caleb Caudle, John Cowan, Laurelyn Dossett, DaShawn Hickman, Molly McGinn, and Mason Via.

Viewers are invited to get involved by sharing a photo of themselves with a lit candle. You can pick up a candle at The Arts Place of Stokes in Danbury beginning 12/5. When posting photos on social media, please tag Stokes Arts and use the hashtag #StokesLightandHope to be featured. We look forward to seeing folks across the county virtually join the concert while spreading light and hope across Stokes county.