Danbury Songwriters with Maya Burgess & Mason Via















The Danbury Songwriters Series welcomes Maya Burgess and Mason Via to The Arts Place of Stokes on July 12, 2018.

Maya Burgess wrote her first song at the age of 4 (The Cocoa Song). Taught by John Hartman, she learned to play the guitar at 12 and has been writing songs ever since, performing them all over NC and VA. Around Stokes County, she is known as one of the singer/songwriters in the talented Burgess family.

Mason Via is a talented musician/singer/songwriter. Originally from Danbury, Mason has played acoustic guitar since the age of 12. Mason grew up going to fiddlers conventions and festivals and was taught by his father, notable bluegrass musician David Via. . Mason has won awards at fiddlers conventions throughout NC & VA in guitar, folk song, and band. Mason has also performed throughout the South including Floydfest, the Richmond Folk Festival, and Shakori Hills.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased ONLINE or by calling 336-593-8159.