A Dog’s Life

For Local Actors, It’s “A Dog’s Life” 

 If you have ever been blessed with a dog in your family, then “A Dog’s Life” is your kind of  musical. 

“A Dog’s Life,” with book and lyrics by Sean Grennan and music by Leah Okimoto, will be  presented  June 30th and July 1st in the amphitheater at King Central Park, 302 Kirby Road in  King.  The play, a musical  comedy/drama, is produced and sponsored by the Stokes County Arts  Council and Friends of Stokes Shelter.  “A Dog’s Life” tells the story of Jack (Kristin Sands), a  shelter mutt in search of a “forever home.”  He’s adopted by Joel (Grant Perry), a driven  businessman who wants Jack only as a gift for his estranged girlfriend.  Joel hopes to use the dog  to reconcile with her, but he soon discovers that she is not interested in Jack—or Joel, for that  matter.  Suddenly, the young millennial has become a reluctant pet parent.  Determined to keep  his new home, the faithful Jack teaches his new dad about loyalty, compassion, the power of  play, and the benefits of simply “wasting time.” In the end, Jack wins Joel’s heart and the two of them become a family. 

An amusing subplot in “A Dog’s Life” revolves around two other shelter dogs—a grouchy  hound named Big Dog (Jenny Smith) and an excitable terrier called simply “Little Dog”  (Meredith Dowdy).  Big Dog dislikes the hyper Little Dog immediately, but he soon realizes that  the only way to escape the shelter is to become a matched set. The canine odd couple joins  forces, and are rewarded with a “forever home” of their own.     

Other cast members of “A Dog’s Life” include Olina Johnson as Annie, the “Hi-Star” GPS representative who becomes Joel’s conscience.  Olina also introduces each scene with a “Dog  Wisdom” quote and provides several offstage voices.  Also in the cast is newcomer Cole Martin Wagner, who portrays a “Jekyll and Hyde” type veterinarian.  Cole also plays an attendant at the  shelter and provides offstage voices.

 “A Dog’s Life” is directed by Brack Llewellyn and assisted by Meredith Dowdy as the  musical director and Shane Sargent as the sound engineer.  

 Pre-show entertainment will be presented each night beginning at 6:30pm by Team ZOOM  Canine Entertainment, providing Frisbee, agility, and herding demonstrations, followed by “A Dog’s Life” at 7:30pm.   Admission is $10 for adults, $5 students, with Children 5 and under  Free.  This community theatre production is sponsored by Northview Animal Hospital of King,  Animal Hospital of Walnut Cove, and Boyce-Holland Veterinary Service of Stuart, Virginia. 

For tickets or information, contact the Stokes County Arts Council at 336 593-8159.   Contact:  Eddy McGee, Executive Director Stokes County Arts Council stokesarts@embarqmail.com      

Sponsored By:

The Animal Hospital of Walnut Cove & Northview Animal Hospital